Have you been to Seattle’s Pike Place Market? It’s super touristy, but a fun place to spend a couple of hours checking out the various vendors (hello original Starbucks!). It turns out that, in addition to being the oldest public market in the USA, it’s also home to one of the germiest tourist attractions in the world. While walking past it, I realised what it was and decided to stop for a couple of pictures.

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A Life Update

The last time I checked in, James and I were in the grips of a nasty virus that seemed to have permanently moved in with us. I’m happy to report that we’re both feeling a lot better. We’re still not 100% recovered, but we’ll take what we can get.

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Larrabee Murals

To access the beach at Larrabee State Park, you walk through a tunnel under a train track. In what would otherwise be an ugly concrete pass-through, the tunnel is painted with cheerful and bright murals by artist Shawn Cass.

To learn more about the artist, check out this article.

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