Silverton Murals

The nearest city to our campsite was Silverton, which lies on the 45th Parallel (Vancouver, where we call home, is at the 49th). The small city is named after the Silver Creek that runs through it. Human habitation of the area spreads back over 6000 years, and agriculture has been the main industry since the... Continue Reading →

Oregon – #POTD

Here's today's photo. Enjoy! Notice anything special? Probably not. Here, let's zoom in.. Its a whale tail!! There were actually 2 whales. The one with its tail up, and another to its left (the long dark shadow). We were passing through Depoe Bay this afternoon and noticed a lot of people staring out at the... Continue Reading →

Voodoo Doughnuts

I mentioned in a #POTD earlier this week that we'd gone to Voodoo in Portland. The line outside was long and the sun was blazing - two things to quickly make me very cranky. But I had high hopes after reading so many good reviews online, and decided that it had to be worth the... Continue Reading →

Oregon – #POTD

Helloooo from the Oregon Coast! We've just checked into our motel and I'm currently sitting on the balcony watching (and listening to) the ocean waves crash. It's mesmerising. Words cannot describe just how relaxed I feel. I hope you're having a great week yourself, wherever you are. Bonne journée! Marla

Oregon – #POTD

We stood under a waterfall this morning. It was just one stop on an almost-10km hike in Silver Falls State Park. Now we're headed off in search of sasquatches. If I see any, you can rest assured that I'll post photos. Bonne journée! Marla

Oregon – #POTD

We made it to Portland's most popular donut shop, and after standing in line in the baking sun there was no way I was walking away with only one. Waistline be damned! Full blog post to follow soon. Bonne journée! Marla

Larrabee Murals

To access the beach at Larrabee State Park, you walk through a tunnel under a train track. In what would otherwise be an ugly concrete pass-through, the tunnel is painted with cheerful and bright murals by artist Shawn Cass. To learn more about the artist, check out this article. Bonne journée! Marla

Birch Bay State Park

A quick jaunt across the border took us camping at Birch Bay State Park this past weekend. It's officially camping season and while I'm not into roughing it, spending time outside is always nice. Sleeping in our DIY van-turned-camper makes for an enjoyable experience. We started our morning with delicious breakfast sandwiches, stuffed with bacon,... Continue Reading →

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