Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Do you like watching sports? I’m not a fan. I’d rather wash the dishes or organise a junk drawer. But being in a partnership means that you regularly have to compromise. Which is how I ended up at a baseball game during a trip to San Francisco.

James and I were enjoying a day taking in the sights when he suddenly sprung on me that it would be really great to attend a San Francisco Giants game. Never once had he mentioned this before, and I wasn’t sure where the idea came from.


I started to protest when he offered, “I’ll buy your ticket!”. I countered with, “You’ll buy me beer, right?’. A deal was made and the next day we headed to AT&T Park.

We bought baseball hats, split a massive hot dog, drank beer and made friends with our neighbours.

I couldn’t tell you what happened on the field or who won the game, but it ended up being alot more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

Would I do it again? Probably not. But I’m glad that we went and I still have the baseball hat as a nice momento.

Bonne journée!