Travel Challenge – 10x10x10 – Recap

I was nominated by fellow travel blogger Rebecca of Rebecca Goes Rendezvous to take part in a fun photo challenge.

The rules: Post 1 travel photo a day for 10 days without explanation, then nominate someone else to participate.

Over the course of the past 10 days, I shared 10 travel photos and nominated 10 other bloggers.

Today we’ll recap the photos I shared, and I’ll explain a little about each. Thank you to everyone who guessed. It was really hard to keep my mouth shut.

Day 1 – Artichokes at the Campo de’Fiori Market in Rome, where vendors have sold their wares since 1869.
Day 2 – A stunning blown glass installation called, ‘Glass Forest #5’, by famed artist Dale Chihuly at his gallery in Seattle.
Day 3 – Sea Lion Caves on the Oregon Coast. Unfortunately the seal lions weren’t home. I remember that the smell of pee was intense.
Day 4 – Just one of the interesting sculptures dotted around Les Jardins D’Étretat in Normandy.
Day 5 – Beautiful home of impressionist painter, Claude Monet in Giverny.
Day 6 – Fontana della Botte, or Fountain of The Barrels, in Trastevere, Rome. One of countless places around the city where you can fill your water bottle with clean – and free – drinking water. Do as the locals do.
Day 7 – “Excusez moi, où sont les toilettes?” At the Palace of Versailles I spotted this adorable signage for the toilets.
Day 8 – It was laundry day at the old Gold Rush town of Barkerville.
Day 9 – Looking back at the San Francisco skyline from a little island, better known as Alcatraz – once home to some of the most notorious criminals in American history.
Day 10 – Bell tower at Xcaret, Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

Thanks for following along with me on this fun trip down memory lane. I’ve really enjoyed it and hope to take part in something like this again in future.

Hotel Trianon

On the upper level of Le Tréport, we noticed these stairs. They looked out of place, surrounded by a stunning vista but seemingly going nowhere.

It turns out that they were once part of Hotel Trianon, a grand hotel turned WW1 British Military Hospital. Later, during WW11 the German forces bombed the site. All that was left are the stairs we see today.

Here are some photos I took of display boards, to help imagine how the site looked decades ago.

Bonne journée!


Le Tréport Funiculaire

Take a (free) ride up or down Le Tréport’s funicular, which joins the upper and lower parts of the town. The ride, at less than 2 minutes, cuts through a tunnel in the cliff on a 155 metre long track.

I’m sure that fans of the Scandi-noir styled French cop drama Witnesses (or Les Témoins) will recognise the funicular.

I loved that program and really hope a third season is filmed. Fingers crossed.

Bonne journée!


The Meditation

Times are scary. Unpredictable and stifling with a dose of terror. Many people are turning to different types of self care to offset the negativity.

Like meditation, for example.

Personally, meditation hasn’t ever worked for me. My brain hasn’t figured out how to shut up.

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The Trees Are Alive With Music

I’ve got a couple of really exciting trips planned for the coming year. They’ll inevitably be cancelled though, because of the impending apocalypse COVID-19.

In my attempt to avoid people (surprisingly easy for a non-peopley person such as myself) I’ve been spending time going through my Google albums. I found this short clip of a musical tree at Les Jardins d’Etretat, which you may remember me posting about last week, and thought I’d share it with you.

Cute, non? It was a nice treat to find in an already magical garden.

Bonne journée!


E is for .. Les Jardin d’Etretat

While based in Bayeux, we decided to take a day trip along the coast in our rental car. One of the stops we made was in Etretat to check out the beautifully manicured Jardin d’Etretat and its quirky face installations that I’d seen online.

An added bonus was the view of the famous ‘Needle’ rock cliff, made famous (to me, anyway) by Claude Monet.

Speaking of Mr. Monet, I learned that a woman who once owned the house of the garden was good friends with him and he used to visit her regularly.

I very much enjoyed this recreation of the famous painter doing what he did best.

Say fromage!

Bonne journée!