Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop

Barkerville’s blacksmiths were vital to the old gold rush town, making both household and mining supplies as well as horseshoes. Here’s an example of what would have been in operation during the time of the gold rush. Speaking of horseshoes, we decided to take a ride in the stage coach around the historic town. It…… Continue reading Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop

Château de Chantilly – Under the Dome

Before we head inside for a dressage demonstration, I thought I’d share a photo of one of the horses practicing its fancy trot outside. I say trot but, let’s be serious. It could have been a simple walk, or a canter or a trot. I don’t know the difference, but my limited horse related knowledge…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – Under the Dome

Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

What’s an horse museum without horse related art? Yesterday we visited the Grand Stables. Today we’re headed further into the museum to check out a few of the horse related art pieces I came across.These lifelike horses were sculpted by carousel artists Gustav Dentzel and Daniel C. Muller at the beginning of the 20th century,…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

Château de Chantilly – Musée de Cheval

Calling all horse lovers! If the story is to be believed, Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon (technically also Prince of Condé, although he preferred his Bourbon title), was sure he’d be reincarnated as an horse after he died. No judgement from me, but I can’t understand why anyone would want to be anything other than…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – Musée de Cheval