Musée d’Orsay

Several years ago, while on a girls' trip to Paris with my friend Stephanie, I found myself in the delightful predicament of having nothing planned. Stephanie was headed for an early morning visit to the Louvre. Having been on a previous visit to Paris I decided I’d take a pass, and would meet her several... Continue Reading →

Definitely Dali

If you're strolling around Downtown Vancouver any time soon, you may come across Salvador Dali's, "Space Venus". I'd have said you'd find yourself face-to-face with the sculpture but, well, this Venus is clearly headless. Her neck is adorned with a typical Dali "melting" clock, made most famous perhaps by his 1931 painting, "The Persistence of... Continue Reading →

Romantic Paris, 1815-1848

For a couple of more weeks, the Petit Palais is showcasing more than 600 pieces that represent the romantic years of Paris, from the fall of Napoleon to the revolution of 1848. Here are several of the pieces that I enjoyed during my visit. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibit, I recommend... Continue Reading →

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