Saint-Séverin, à l’extérieur

To follow up on yesterday’s post where we visited the inside of gorgeous Saint-Séverin church, let’s do a quick walk around its exterior. I say quick because I’m knee-high in camping gear and clothing, trying to pack for holidays. By the time this pre-scheduled post is published I’ll be enjoying myself in Oregon. But that…… Continue reading Saint-Séverin, à l’extérieur

Saint-Séverin, à l’intérieur

Around the corner from everyone’s favourite English bookstore in Paris is Saint-Séverin church. I came upon it by accident while aimlessly wandering, and only realised where I was when I looked up at the large building dwarfing me on the narrow street. Saint-Séverin made its way onto my ever-growing list of “must visits” for the…… Continue reading Saint-Séverin, à l’intérieur

Montmartre Cemetery

Hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of Paris is Montmartre Cemetery. Step through the gates and you’ll immediately find yourself in a different world. Gone are the crowds and honking cars. Here is the quiet final resting place of many famous Parisians, many of whom you’ll be familiar with. Edgar Degas the painter, and Adolphe…… Continue reading Montmartre Cemetery