Monet at Giverny

I won't pretend to be knowledgeable about art. I mean, I can tell the difference between impressionism, cubism and surrealism. But if you were to start discussing post-impressionism in great detail or ask for my opinion on baroque, I'd probably look for a polite excuse to escape before my eyes dried up and fell at... Continue Reading →

The Oregon Garden, Part 2

Yesterday I shared photos of some of the plants and flowers I saw at the Oregon Garden in Silverton. They were cool and kind of subdued. Today we'll look at the brighter photos that I took. I hope you enjoy them. Which is your favourite? I can't decide but I think it's a tie between... Continue Reading →

The Oregon Garden

We visited the Oregon Garden earlier this week for a wander through the enormous grounds (80 acres!). I've split my photos into 2 groups, and today we'll start with the first.. it's more muted than tomorrow's group, but the plants and flowers are nowhere less beautiful. I'm not sure what the above pod is, but... Continue Reading →

French Fleurs

I used to take a lot of photos of flowers. Almost exclusively. But over the years I've slowly and unconsciously changed my focus. While recently scrolling through the album for my trip to Paris in May, I was happy to see that I've not completely lost the habit. When I'm back in Paris next week... Continue Reading →

Roses and The Petite Cannon

Walking further into the grounds of the Palais Royale, you'll find yourself surrounded by gorgeous roses. Or you will if you're lucky like I was, and unintentionally time your visit with their bloom season. And if you look closely, you'll notice a small cannon installed on one of the lawns between the rows of rose... Continue Reading →

Flowers of Chantilly

I'll get to the actual chateau in future posts, but at the time of writing this post the weather here in Vancouver is pretty bleak: grey, cool, scattered showers and not very Summer-y at all. So I decided I needed a pop of colour. Plus, if keep posting about delicious French food, I'll go broke... Continue Reading →

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