Iona Beach Regional Park

Just north of the Vancouver International Airport, at the mouth of the Fraser River, is Iona Beach Regional Park. Popular with walkers and cyclists, it’s a lovely place to spend some time in the sunshine.

The area is dotted with logs that have been washed ashore over time.

At the end of the trail you’ll find a secluded beach.

The tide was out, so we ditched our bikes and went for a walk out onto the sand.

Selfie time!

Yes, that’s really me. I’ve dyed my hair dark on a whim.

On the way back along the trail I noticed ladybugs all over some half-dead thistles.

One last photo from the parking lot before heading off in search of lunch.

Bonne journée!


Barnston Island

The only way to visit this tiny island is to take the free ferry, which consists of a small barge that is pushed across Parson’s Channel.

The ride takes 5 minutes and, once you arrive, you take the perimeter road by bike or foot. We brought our bikes, and started off along the country road.

At 32°C, the weather was a scorcher so we took advantage of the odd shade tree.

We stopped briefly at Mann Point, which looks out towards Golden Ears Bridge.

Accessing the point is done by way of a pathway through a wooded area. At the pathway entrance is a sign warning of a bear sighting which makes one wonder how a bear found itself on the island. Perhaps it took the ferry over like the rest of us?

We got back onto the road and continued on our way, eventually finding ourselves back at the ferry terminal just as the barge was arriving.

Cycling around Barnston Island was a nice leisurely way to spend an hour. I’d like to return once the weather cools down. Have you ever been to Barnston Island?

Bonne journée!