Barkerville Post Office

Because the old Gold Rush town of Barkerville was so remote, its residents struggled to keep correspondence up with loved ones back home. Initially letters were sent with friends traveling between Victoria and nearby Quesnel. It wasn’t very reliable, and I imagine it didn’t help with feelings of homesickness. It wasn’t until several years later,…… Continue reading Barkerville Post Office

Wells Barkerville Cemetery

Mine cave-ins, accidents, assaults, disease and old age. Life in a gold rush camp was difficult. Many of those who passed were buried in one of the areas four cemeteries. The first internment at the Wells Barkerville Cemetery was carried out by John “Cariboo” Cameron, who buried his employee Peter Gibson in 1863. Mr. Gibson…… Continue reading Wells Barkerville Cemetery

Fashionable Haircutting, Gold Rush Style

Before visiting Barkerville, I naively thought the town was full of hairy unsavoury types who worked all day and drank all night. Hygiene and keeping up appearances never crossed my mind. So it was interesting to learn about the town’s barbershop owned by Mr. Wellington Delaney Moses.Let’s take a closer look at the sign..Sorry it’s…… Continue reading Fashionable Haircutting, Gold Rush Style

Columbian Ground Squirrels

Here’s my newest favourite creature – the Columbian Ground Squirrel. They look like the squirrels I’m used to seeing here in Vancouver, just bigger. Much bigger.Columbian Ground Squirrels have been known to hibernate for up to 220 days (!), waking every few weeks to eat some of the food they’d previously stockpiled – as well…… Continue reading Columbian Ground Squirrels

John Bibby’s Tin Shop

Because Barkerville is so remote (even today the nearest city is over an hour’s drive away), much of the necessary supplies were produced onsite. A real community was built by craftsmen looking for a way to create a living for themselves while providing the products and services the citizens would need for their daily lives.…… Continue reading John Bibby’s Tin Shop

Thursday Doors – Barkerville

This week, let’s take a look at the entrance to St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Barkerville. It’s easily one of the most recognizable buildings in the historic gold rush town. Built in 1868, the church is largely original and complete with its pews hand carved from local spruce trees. Owned by the Diocese of Cariboo…… Continue reading Thursday Doors – Barkerville

Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop

Barkerville’s blacksmiths were vital to the old gold rush town, making both household and mining supplies as well as horseshoes. Here’s an example of what would have been in operation during the time of the gold rush. Speaking of horseshoes, we decided to take a ride in the stage coach around the historic town. It…… Continue reading Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop