Another controversial art installation at the Palais Royale is Sphérades, officially known as Les Fontaines de Pol Bury. Installed in 1985 by Belgian artist Pol Bury, each of the two fountains consist of 10 stainless steel spheres that slowly rotate on their axis under the power of the water flowing over them. I thought they... Continue Reading →

Les Deux Plateaux

I woke early one morning (not difficult to do when suffering through jetlag), ate my breakfast and hurriedly left my hotel. I was headed for the Palais Royale. Or more specifically, to its inner courtyard, Cour d'Honneur. My goal was to arrive before every Instagrammer in the city did because I wanted to take some... Continue Reading →

Paris – #POTD

This morning I traveled to the 11th arrondissement to see a light show production featuring the work of famed painter Vincent Van Gogh, at Atelier des Lumières. Some of my favourite Van Gogh works are from his Almond Blossoms series, and the above is one of the paintings projected onto a wall of the exhibition... Continue Reading →

Paris – #POTD

I've seen photos of Palais Garnier on television and online. It's gorgeous. When I decided to finally visit it during this trip to Paris, I wasn't expecting to be gobsmacked like I was when I saw the ceiling of the theatre. Painted by Marc Chagall in 1964, the impressive (almost) 2600 square foot canvas took... Continue Reading →

Paris – #POTD

Today's photo was taken outside the Petit Palais minutes ago. I'm early, as usual, and am currently waiting in line shortly before opening. I'm excited to get through the doors to see the collection! Bonne journée! Marla

The Tortoise and the Hare

While waiting for my bag to appear on the baggage carousel at McCarran International Airport, I noticed a couple of sculptures. Created by sculptor David Phelps, the Tortoise and the Hare are just 2 of 4 pieces located in D Gate. The others, which I didn't see, are the Desert Rattlesnake and the Horned Toad.... Continue Reading →

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art

Perhaps surprisingly to some, there is much more to do in Las Vegas than engaging in drunken shenanigans, baking in the sun next to the pool or gambling away your life savings. No judgement from me, but none of those things are my cup of tea. Over the next several days I'll share some of... Continue Reading →

Le Jeune Braconnier

Amongst the trees at Château de Fontainebleau, we came across Le Jeune Braconnier - or The Young Poacher. The lifelike marble sculpture was created by recipient of the French Legion of Honour, Charles Gauthier, and depicts a young boy showing his excited dog a captured rabbit. Or more like teasing it. He looks like a... Continue Reading →


French street artist, Levalet, is best known for using the wheat-paste poster and stencil technique. Think back to the gloppy glue you used when creating paper mâche crafts in kindergarten class. This enables an artist to create their pieces elsewhere before adhering them to whatever surface they choose. As most street art is illegal, this... Continue Reading →

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