Romantic Paris, 1815-1848

For a couple of more weeks, the Petit Palais is showcasing more than 600 pieces that represent the romantic years of Paris, from the fall of Napoleon to the revolution of 1848. Here are several of the pieces that I enjoyed during my visit. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibit, I recommend... Continue Reading →

Larrabee Murals

To access the beach at Larrabee State Park, you walk through a tunnel under a train track. In what would otherwise be an ugly concrete pass-through, the tunnel is painted with cheerful and bright murals by artist Shawn Cass. To learn more about the artist, check out this article. Bonne journée! Marla

Van Gogh, Starry Night

I immediately booked my ticket for Atelier des Lumières after I'd heard about their current digital exhibition featuring the works of my main man, Monsieur Vincent van Gogh. I wasn't sure what I was going to see, mind you, but I had a feeling I'd kick myself if I missed out. After arriving and being... Continue Reading →

Basement Art

To follow up on yesterday's post about Claude Monet's impressive pieces on the main floor of l'Orangerie, let's head downstairs to see some of the rest of the museum's collection. But first, a bit of background history. l'Orangerie was built under direction of Napoleon III in 1852. The original purpose of the building was to... Continue Reading →

Monet at l’Orangerie

My favourite art museum in Paris, hands down, is l'Orangerie. Located next to Place de la Concorde in Jardin Tuileries, l'Orangerie is conveniently located. It's manageable in size and perfect for those wanting to get their art fix without sacrificing too much time. Plus, most importantly, it's the home to the purpose-built rooms highlighting Claude... Continue Reading →

Statues of Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens is dotted with interesting statues, and here are several that I came upon during my most recent trip to Paris. Let's start with this statue of Velléda contemplating the house of Eudore by Hippolyte Maindron. Velléda, if I've got the story correct, was a druid who fell in love with her enemy. The... Continue Reading →


Another controversial art installation at the Palais Royale is Sphérades, officially known as Les Fontaines de Pol Bury. Installed in 1985 by Belgian artist Pol Bury, each of the two fountains consist of 10 stainless steel spheres that slowly rotate on their axis under the power of the water flowing over them. I thought they... Continue Reading →

Les Deux Plateaux

I woke early one morning (not difficult to do when suffering through jetlag), ate my breakfast and hurriedly left my hotel. I was headed for the Palais Royale. Or more specifically, to its inner courtyard, Cour d'Honneur. My goal was to arrive before every Instagrammer in the city did because I wanted to take some... Continue Reading →

Paris – #POTD

This morning I traveled to the 11th arrondissement to see a light show production featuring the work of famed painter Vincent Van Gogh, at Atelier des Lumières. Some of my favourite Van Gogh works are from his Almond Blossoms series, and the above is one of the paintings projected onto a wall of the exhibition... Continue Reading →

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