Paris – #POTD

Today's photo was taken outside the Petit Palais minutes ago. I'm early, as usual, and am currently waiting in line shortly before opening. I'm excited to get through the doors to see the collection! Bonne journée! Marla


French street artist, Levalet, is best known for using the wheat-paste poster and stencil technique. Think back to the gloppy glue you used when creating paper mâche crafts in kindergarten class. This enables an artist to create their pieces elsewhere before adhering them to whatever surface they choose. As most street art is illegal, this … Continue reading Lavalet

Le Baiser

Visitors to my favourite gallery in Paris, l'Orangerie, will likely be familiar with the smooching statue outside the main entrance. Le Baiser (The Kiss) is a work by famed sculptor Auguste Rodin. Inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, Le Baiser depicts two characters who were murdered for falling in love. "‘The Kiss’ was originally inspired by … Continue reading Le Baiser