La Foule

One of the many works of art you’ll wander past as you stroll through the Paris’ Jardin des Tuileries is La Foule, or The Crowd. This bronze sculpture was created by English-born, Paris-based painter sculptor, Raymond Mason, back in the mid-1960′. It was later purchased by France’s National Fund of Contemporary Art, before being installed…… Continue reading La Foule

Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

What’s an horse museum without horse related art? Yesterday we visited the Grand Stables. Today we’re headed further into the museum to check out a few of the horse related art pieces I came across.These lifelike horses were sculpted by carousel artists Gustav Dentzel and Daniel C. Muller at the beginning of the 20th century,…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

Château de Chantilly – The Psyche Gallery

This gallery consists of 44 stained glass windows painted in the grisaille style (basically grey scale, with an effort to look like sculpture). Originally housed at Château d’Écouen (currently the National Museum of the Renaissance) and commissioned by Constable Anne de Montmorency, the images are said to represent “The Golden Ass: Being the Metamorphoses of…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – The Psyche Gallery

Château de Chantilly – The Gallery of Painting and The Rotunda

The Gallery of Painting is the main event of the Condé Gallery at Château de Chantilly. It’s the largest room of the chateau and features 85 pieces of the collection that once belonged to the Duke of Aumale.As is usually the case when I’m out and about, I generally avoid including people in my photos.…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – The Gallery of Painting and The Rotunda

Spinning Chandelier

Vancouver is home to a new public piece of art work, this time in the form of a massive chandelier hanging under Granville Street Bridge. By massive, I mean it! It’s 26 feet tall and 14 feet wide. It weighs a staggering 7500 pounds, and is adorned with 600 faux crystals made of polyurethane. If…… Continue reading Spinning Chandelier

Musée d’Orsay

Several years ago, while on a girls’ trip to Paris with my friend Stephanie, I found myself in the delightful predicament of having nothing planned. Stephanie was headed for an early morning visit to the Louvre. Having been on a previous visit to Paris I decided I’d take a pass, and would meet her several…… Continue reading Musée d’Orsay

Contemporary Art Perplexes Me

Offsite is the Vancouver Art Gallery’s cleverly named offsite public exhibition space, featuring temporary installations of contemporary works. Featured artists are said to, “consider the site-specific potential of art within the public realm and respond to the changing social and cultural conditions of our contemporary world.”. Remember when I said the other day that I’m…… Continue reading Contemporary Art Perplexes Me

Definitely Dali

If you’re strolling around Downtown Vancouver any time soon, you may come across Salvador Dali’s, “Space Venus”. I’d have said you’d find yourself face-to-face with the sculpture but, well, this Venus is clearly headless. Her neck is adorned with a typical Dali “melting” clock, made most famous perhaps by his 1931 painting, “The Persistence of…… Continue reading Definitely Dali

Monet at l’Orangerie

My favourite art museum in Paris, hands down, is l’Orangerie. Located next to Place de la Concorde in Jardin Tuileries, l’Orangerie is conveniently located. It’s manageable in size and perfect for those wanting to get their art fix without sacrificing too much time. Plus, most importantly, it’s the home to the purpose-built rooms highlighting Claude…… Continue reading Monet at l’Orangerie