Vancouver Street Art – Mount Pleasant

As I promised yesterday, I’m back with a few more murals that I recently found. Do you have a favourite? Comment below. Mine is of the crushed plastic bottle. At first I was annoyed by the parked car, but I think I actually like it being in the shot to give scale to the sprawling…… Continue reading Vancouver Street Art – Mount Pleasant

The Painted School

There’s an elementary school near to our house that I pass by regularly. I thought I’d share some of the colourful artwork that can be found across the property. Named after Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts, Lord Roberts Elementary School was first established way back in 1901. It was during this time that Vancouver was…… Continue reading The Painted School

The Meditation

Times are scary. Unpredictable and stifling with a dose of terror. Many people are turning to different types of self care to offset the negativity. Like meditation, for example. Personally, meditation hasn’t ever worked for me. My brain hasn’t figured out how to shut up. Instead it bounces with incessant chatter: “Did I water the…… Continue reading The Meditation

The Trees Are Alive With Music

I’ve got a couple of really exciting trips planned for the coming year. They’ll inevitably be cancelled though, because of the impending apocalypse COVID-19. In my attempt to avoid people (surprisingly easy for a non-peopley person such as myself) I’ve been spending time going through my Google albums. I found this short clip of a…… Continue reading The Trees Are Alive With Music

Night at the Symphony

Four words I never thought I’d utter. But I’m so happy that I can now say I’ve been. A few weeks ago I was invited by a friend to attend a performance at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Originally a vaudeville theatre, the Orpheum has changed hands (and concepts) over the decades. In 1977 it became the…… Continue reading Night at the Symphony

The Things You Learn on Holiday

While looking at the impressive facade of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, back before the horrific fire and its resulting devastation, I noticed this headless statue holding its head and wondered its significance. It turns out that statues holding their own heads, when found outside a church or cathedral, identify a Saint who was martyred or…… Continue reading The Things You Learn on Holiday

Thursday Doors – Bayeux

I thought it might be fun to take a look at the same door, from both sides. You may recall seeing these grand doors from my B is for .. Bayeux Cathedral post. I like the fun pop of red in the middle of the cathedral’s imposing Norman-Romanesque facade. Step through the doors and turn…… Continue reading Thursday Doors – Bayeux