When my friend, Stephanie, and I were in the planning stages of our first trip to Paris, I threw out the suggestion of a day trip to Versailles. I had visited Versailles years prior and was blown away by its over-the-top opulence. It's historical importance is awe inspiring. Every direction I looked I saw a... Continue Reading →

Eating Our Way Across Paris

Bonjour! I'm in the process of merging some content from my other blog, Fernweh Friday, with Marla on the Move. From time to time I'll be migrating some of my older posts here. I figured that a post about the food in Paris was a great place to start! So let's get started with a... Continue Reading →

Maison Aurouze

I took part in a couple of walking tours with Localers when I was last in France. The first focused on the dark side of Paris' history. Our guide, Patrick, had a great sense of humour and after the tour concluded he led us to a rather grotesque sight before bidding us adieu. Yep, those... Continue Reading →

First For The Trees

At the intersection of NW Broadway and Couch in Portland, on the side of the historic DeSoto Building, you'll find artist Gage Hamilton's yellow mural known as "Ozymandias (DeSoto Detached)”.<!--more-->It's part of the city's Forest For The Trees, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of contemporary public art throughout Portland.The DeSoto Building was once... Continue Reading →


My sister enrolled herself in a baking program shortly after graduating from high school. I remember questioning at the time if we shared the same genetics, as I'm hopeless where baking is concerned. I wish baking was my thing, but it's simply not. However, I'm actually really good at eating baked goods. So I guess... Continue Reading →

That Night in the Tiki Bar

Across the street from our Portland motel was a fun looking tiki bar that screamed for us to check it out. The decor inside The Alibi was kitschy and typically tiki bar-ish. Exactly what I was looking for. I may have had one too many potent and ridiculously named Banana Hammocks. How could I say... Continue Reading →

Sea Lion Caves

While on the Oregon Coast we decided to check out Sea Lion Caves, a tourist attraction built around the largest naturally formed underground cavern in America that is home to - you guessed it - local sea lions. Nowadays, visitors can view the cave by way of an handy elevator. But before 1961 you'd have... Continue Reading →

Jardin des Rosiers – Joseph-Migneret

Another trip to Paris means another delicious falafel lunch. I'm nothing if not predictable. As I always do, I headed for l'as du Fallafel and waited patiently in line for my order. My intention was to walk over to Place des Vosges and eat my lunch while people watching in the popular square. It was... Continue Reading →

Paris – #POTD, Part Deux

That moment you look into your carry-on bag and realise it's stuffed to the brim with bags (and bags) mini Toblerone. 😋 Its time to board the plane, and I've got a long travel day ahead of me. I hope you've enjoyed my daily photos. More in depth posts to follow, once I'm back in... Continue Reading →

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