We Remember

Just a quick photo from Victory Square where crowds gathered for the 95th Annual Remembrance Day ceremony here in Vancouver. On the roof just above and to the left of the W is 1 of the 2 trumpeters waiting to play The Last Post, which never fails to send tears streaming down my face. Dozens... Continue Reading →

A Life Update

The last time I checked in, James and I were in the grips of a nasty virus that seemed to have permanently moved in with us. I'm happy to report that we're both feeling a lot better. We're still not 100% recovered, but we'll take what we can get. I thought I'd fill you in... Continue Reading →

Pitt River Regional Greenway

Our house has been hit by the nasty cold making its way around these parts. My department at work hasn't been fully staffed in weeks as we each take turns with sick days. Just when you start to feel better, symptoms return and knock you back down. James and I forced ourselves to take a... Continue Reading →

Derby Reach Regional Park

My parents have their trailer down at the Derby Reach campground, which sits on the Fraser River. They invited James and me to come stay with them for a night, and we jumped at the chance. After lunch we took a leisurely walk through the park, which makes you feel like you're about as far... Continue Reading →

Iona Beach Regional Park

Just north of the Vancouver International Airport, at the mouth of the Fraser River, is Iona Beach Regional Park. Popular with walkers and cyclists, it's a lovely place to spend some time in the sunshine. The area is dotted with logs that have been washed ashore over time. At the end of the trail you'll... Continue Reading →

Barnston Island

The only way to visit this tiny island is to take the free ferry, which consists of a small barge that is pushed across Parson's Channel. The ride takes 5 minutes and, once you arrive, you take the perimeter road by bike or foot. We brought our bikes, and started off along the country road.... Continue Reading →

Maplewood Flats Conservation Area

A few photos from a leisurely walk I enjoyed at Maplewood Flats with my boyfriend. While the conservation area is known for its varied wildlife, we only saw 3 birds during our visit. We could hear many more, but they were obviously feeling a little shy. Or perhaps it was the cat we saw (on... Continue Reading →


The weather forecast for this weekend was dismal. So when the rains tapered off yesterday and there was a tiny hint of sunshine, I threw on my coat, grabbed my wallet and headed out the door. I had no idea where I'd end up. I just needed to get out of the house. Perhaps because... Continue Reading →

MOV | H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) and the HR Macmillan Space Centre (known by locals simply as The Planetarium) share a building in Vanier Park on False Creek. The 1960s building itself is quite striking, and James and I enjoyed wandering around the grounds after visiting each attraction. The popular crab sculpture, with its pincers raised... Continue Reading →

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