Thursday Doors – Chantilly

Since we’re knee deep in posts about the Château de Chantilly, I thought it was only appropriate to share a door I came across during my visit. Or, more accurately, the intricate gold detailing.I wonder what James will say when I insist that our apartment be remodelled to include surfaces of gold so shiny that…… Continue reading Thursday Doors – Chantilly

Château de Chantilly – The Stag Gallery

Imagine, if you will, that you’re an esteemed artistic or intellectual member of society back at the end of the 19th Century. You’ve received an invite from the Duke of Aumale to visit him at his impressive country home on the outskirts of Chantilly this coming Sunday. After a bumpy ride by horse, you are…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – The Stag Gallery

Château de Chantilly – Before We Head In

Château de Chantilly, located a short train ride from Paris, makes for an enjoyable day trip. But before we head into the chateau, I thought we’d take a walk around the impressive property. I’ve taken a lot of photos and struggled to pare them down. But I don’t think anyone will blame me once you…… Continue reading Château de Chantilly – Before We Head In

North Fork Yachats River Covered Bridge

Leaving the small seaside town of Yachats, James and I headed into the countryside. After driving along a windy road surrounded by trees and fields for approximately 20 minutes, we reached our destination: the rustic and historic covered bridge I’d seen online. Originally built in 1938 by veteran bridge builder Otis Hamer, this queenpost truss…… Continue reading North Fork Yachats River Covered Bridge

Paris Street Art – Rue du Prévôt

It’s no secret that Paris is bursting at the seams with galleries, monuments and galleries. There’s always so much to see. Some of my favourite art can be found outside, by way of graffiti – or what I prefer to call street art. I stumbled upon this collection on The du Prévôt, next to the…… Continue reading Paris Street Art – Rue du Prévôt

B is for .. Bayeux Cathedral

In this installation of my biweekly Alphabet series, I’m sharing with you some photos taken at Bayeux Cathedral – or Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux. After parking our rental car and making our way to check-in at our hotel, it’s quite possible that I was almost hit by a car or two. Or maybe not. I…… Continue reading B is for .. Bayeux Cathedral