About Me

Hello, and welcome!

MOTM serves as my personal travel journal slash photo album, where I pepper each post with completely useless but interesting tidbits I’ve learned about the places I’ve visited.

A little about me..

I’m a born and bred Vancouverite, which basically makes me a rare unicorn around these parts. I enjoy researching upcoming trips as much as the travel itself. I’m a lover of cats, tea, French pastries, dark subtitled detective mysteries, British Royals and street art. I’ve never met a château that I didn’t immediately fall in love with. I’ve been known to take photos of my feet almost everywhere I go, and I’m that weirdo who claps when my plane lands.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for future travel, or simply want to experience new places vicariously through me, I hope you’ll feel right at home at MOTM.

Pull up a chair. I’ll pop the kettle on!