Thursday Doors – Paris

Hello! It’s great to be back posting Thursday Doors!

This week I’m sharing a grand entrance I discovered while walking around Paris. It’s just one of many (many) doors that I photographed, so you can expect more Paris Doors content to come.

Look at this door and tell me what you think is behind it, because I would never have suspected that it’s a private mansion and home to the Morgan Stanley bank.

Hôtel de Camondo was built in 1875 for Abraham Behor de Camondo, and the property became popular for its art collection and hospitality.

The details from top to bottom are a treat. I particularly like the M in the crest above the door (obviously). What do you think it would take for Morgan Stanley to move out, so I can move in?

Next door to Abraham’s house was his brother’s .. now known for being the Nissim de Camondo Museum. I was lucky enough to visit it during my recent visit to Paris, and look forward to sharing my photos soon.

Thursday Doors is a weekly event facilitated by Dan. If you’re interested in participating, check out Dan’s blog.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Paris

  1. I’ve not heard of Hôtel de Camondo before, although I’m aware that Paris has dozens of historic hôtels (and I’ve visited a few of them). It really is the details in the carvings that many people overlook, but are the most beautiful in the design. I’m enjoying the hidden gems you came across in the French capital! 🙂

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