Paris is Always a Good Idea

The past 18 months have been A LOT.

It’s almost hard to remember the before times, when we were all blissfully unaware of what was coming.

The first lockdown happened shortly before a booked solo trip to Croatia. Later in the year my then-fiancé and I had an elopement to Scotland planned. Between the two, there were several short cross border getaways booked. When everything started, in those first optimistic days, it looked like the pandemic would be in our rearview mirrors after a couple of weeks of buckling down (after people panic bought toilet paper and flour, of course).

But we now know that that’s not the way things would unfold. People around the globe have suffered immensely, whether it be through loss and grief, stress and anxiety, life changing struggles.. it’s been A LOT. Added to that is politicizing of the pandemic, vaccinations and even masks. I’ve stopped watching coverage as I simply cannot handle any more bad news.

I know that I’m sitting in a place of privilege. Both my husband and I are fully vaccinated and didn’t have to pay for our doses. We’re still employed and our basic needs are met. Anyone I’ve known personally to have contracted the Coronavirus has recovered mostly unscathed. As an homebody, staying home hasn’t affected my mental health like it has others who thrive on social interaction. I’ve tried typically pandemic things like macrame, sourdough and even roasted my first ever chicken. Plus, cats! We adopted two senior very good boys.

All this to say that things haven’t been too bad for me personally. I’m incredibly grateful for this. Aside from not being able to travel, which has slowly sucked the life out of me.

Cancelling that first trip to Croatia happened as late as I could hold off. In my then-blisfully ignorant mind, I really believed this would be over before it really began. As time passed, booked holidays were cancelled further out as I realised this shit storm wasn’t going to end any time soon. Each time physically hurt. The fear of never being able to travel again is something that kept me up many nights.

My best friend, Stephanie, and I both love Paris. The more time passed, the more insistent we became that we’d head over as soon as health regulations would allow it. Our first holiday would obviously have to be a girls’ trip to Paris. I’m happy to announce that today we’re officially one month out from heading back to Paris!

To celebrate this milestone and our upcoming trip, I’ve decided to share several posts about Paris that have been stuck in drafts for months, when the thought of editing them was more than I could emotionally handle.

So check back frequently for more Paris content. And if you’ve not yet signed up for my newsletter there’s an handy sign-up box at the bottom of this post. By signing up you’ll always know when a new post is published. If you’re on Instagram, I can be found at @marla.on.the.move   Let’s be friends!

11 thoughts on “Paris is Always a Good Idea

  1. How, exciting! And I have to agree with you – Paris is always a good idea! There are endless reasons to visit Paris repeatedly: it is a beautiful and cultural city, very walkable, with great sights, and it has been a source of inspiration for many writers, artists, and filmmakers. I can’t wait to read all about your trip 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. Hey Marla … that’s great that you’re coming over. Right now, the Covid rates are very low and life is a lot less stressful. We still wear facemasks though. What part of town will you be staying in? If I’m around – and if you have the time – maybe we could meet up!

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    1. That would be lovely! I’ve got my QR code set up and have already set aside several heavy duty masks especially for the trip. We’re staying in the 5th eme near to the Sorbonne. Most days have bookings made but there should still be enough free time, since Paris and free time go hand in hand.


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