Victoria’s Moss Lady

We’ve just returned from several days away in Victoria, where we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Near to our hotel is the popular Beacon Hill, a 75 hectare park popular with locals and visitors alike.

Short on time, we weren’t able to see much other than this impressive art piece aptly named Moss Lady.

Created by gardener Dale Doebert, and a team of Victoria city employees, Moss Lady is tucked away in a shaded area of Beacon Hill Park.

At approximately 11 metres, she’s made of a mix comprised of boulders, cement, chicken wire, metal piping, clay-based soil and locally sourced cat-tail and club moss. Her “hair” is flowering crocosmia plants.

I particularly enjoyed Moss Lady, and the dreary weather certainly added to the experience.

While we intentionally sought her out, I can’t help but laugh when imagining how startling it would be to be wandering through the park minding your own business when you turn a corner and BAM, you’re face to face with a giant coming out of the ground.

9 thoughts on “Victoria’s Moss Lady

    1. You’re allowed into Canada. But we’re not allowed into America. Lol So bizarre. But I’m dying for a Trader Joe’s run. And a stop in at Avenue Bread for breakfast and Kulshan for a nice cold IPA. 😊

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  1. Congrats on your one-year wedding anniversary! To celebrate it domestically (but in such a unique place) makes it all the more worthwhile. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to when you return to France later this year!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca. Originally we were planning a destination wedding but that went out the window with the pandemic. So we decided on a quick wedding with very close family at a nearby park, then headed to Victoria to start our road trip honeymoon. So we we decided to head back to the same hotel to celebrate our first anniversary. I think I might do a post on the hotel itself.

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