Abbotsford Murals

Commonly known for being home to the popular Abbotsford Airshow, as well as cheap gas prices, I recently discovered that Abbotsford is also home to a small collection of brightly coloured murals decorating the city’s historic centre. Naturally I dragged my husband on a walk so I could snap some photos.

Created by non-profit, I-Lead Abby, this mural is said to represent openness (henna) and the city’s Indo-Canadian community, as well as growth (lotus flowers).

From artist Tara-Lynn Kozma-Perrin: “Before colonization, two streams used to converge in the area where the mural is today. The patterns in the mural resemble fish scales and reed mats which pay homage to the history of the land and its Indigenous inhabitants.”

A timely reminder to all of us.

From lead artist Sean Karemaker: “Nature continues to humble us. As a species, humans must realize we are completely interconnected with the entire ecosystem.”
The large mural depicts how everything in the natural world is connected, from sea to sky, mountains to tiny mushrooms, furry critters to lush groves.

Strangely I wasn’t able to find any information on this large mural, so I can’t share any additional insight.

This mural was at the centre of controversy earlier this Summer. Prior to public outrage, and subsequent rework, it included the quote, “Make Abbotsford great again.”. Many found it to be an unsavory choice given its similarity to one of a “certain soggy Cheeto’s” favourite sayings.

Artist Ericka Walker worked closely with members of the Royal Canadian Legion (Abbotsford Branch #15) to create this 60′ mural. Many reasons is meant to encourage thought and dialogue about the countless factors surrounding war. For example, reasons to enlist, or not. Reasons to commemorate or be critical of war efforts.

Some businesses got into the spirit with their own murals, like this one next to the entrance of Sound of Music Sales.

Karl’s Meats is a family-run local Dutch delicatessen and butcher shop. Hence the wooden clogs in the window.

Another music themed mural, this one on the side of Temple Music Academy.

The historical centre of Abbotsford is really cute, and I’m hoping to visit again in the near future to check out some of the local businesses.

11 thoughts on “Abbotsford Murals

  1. What neat, detailed murals they are! It’s incredible that they also come with political meanings that are meant to address the current issues going on in this world. To explore your own backyard and see what’s going on outside of your home can truly be an educational experience. 🙂

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  2. I can’t say that I’ve ever paid second glance to a mural in my life. This post is making me feel like I’m missing out. I should probably be paying attention. Karl’s meats is so cool. It’s nuts how they can make it look 3D

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      1. I didn’t even notice their reflections. I was just noticing how they were painted to look 3D. But damn, now that I see the reflection, it’s even cooler.

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  3. Wow, what a lovely collection of beautiful street murals. With the burst of colour usually comes a sense of identity, unity, and positivity that flows throughout the city. I once read that in SoHo, a branch of New York City, scholars of urban art found that an increase in graffiti art led to relatively low rates of crime when compared to other neighbourhoods of the city. How amazing is that? Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva

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