My friend, V, who many of you already know, recently demanded over text that I blog about trees. All caps and screaming, just like that.

I had been questioning whether I had any blog worthy content to share after essentially abandoning MOTM for most of the pandemic. I had lost my drive and, more importantly, my confidence dwindled to almost nothing.

Without a recent trip abroad, it was daunting to consider: would people would care about my low key (boring) life? Because aside from trips to the grocery store there hasn’t been much going on.

Mind you, my husband and I moved earlier in the pandemic. Downtown Vancouver suddenly became too people-y for someone like me living with panic disorder. Long story short, I needed to escape. So we now live in the suburbs and I absolutely love it. One thing we’ve begun to do is search out parks where we can get out into nature for an enjoyable walk each week.

That’s where trees come in.

Or, more specifically, TREEEEEES!

I’ve decided to start a new series, Metro Vancouver Walks, where I’ll share with you some of our weekly adventures.

Hopefully you like it. And hopefully I’ll start feeling like I’ve not lost my touch for blogging.

Thanks for the not-so-subtle suggestion, V!

PS. Eagle eyed readers will have picked up on the fact that my boyfriend is now my husband. A pandemic wedding!

9 thoughts on “TREEEEEES!

  1. How exciting, can’t wait to read all about your local hiking/walking adventures, and I can’t wait to see your photos. I love trees and forests more than anything. Trees protect us and help us live, and they certainly have magical properties. Congratulations on getting married during the pandemic 🥰 Wishing you many years of happiness 🧡 Aiva xx

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  2. I noticed your absence in the blogosphere for the past few months, and I’m glad you’re back. There’s no need to feel bad for being away for so long: life happens and COVID-19 certainly doesn’t help with travel-related bloggers like ourselves. I think doing a tree-inspired post (or series) is a great idea, and even I am constantly finding spin-off travel themes to blog about, despite not going on a big trip since 2019. There’s always something to talk about in regards to travel, even if we’re at home!

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