Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Do you like watching sports? I’m not a fan. I’d rather wash the dishes or organise a junk drawer. But being in a partnership means that you regularly have to compromise. Which is how I ended up at a baseball game during a trip to San Francisco.

James and I were enjoying a day taking in the sights when he suddenly sprung on me that it would be really great to attend a San Francisco Giants game. Never once had he mentioned this before, and I wasn’t sure where the idea came from.


I started to protest when he offered, “I’ll buy your ticket!”. I countered with, “You’ll buy me beer, right?’. A deal was made and the next day we headed to AT&T Park.

We bought baseball hats, split a massive hot dog, drank beer and made friends with our neighbours.

I couldn’t tell you what happened on the field or who won the game, but it ended up being alot more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

Would I do it again? Probably not. But I’m glad that we went and I still have the baseball hat as a nice momento.

Bonne journée!


7 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. I was a big baseball fan until I was nine. In that summer the Chicago Cubs lost 37 games, and I was so disappointed that I vowed never to set foot in Wrigley Field again — and to this day I still haven’t.
    On another note, one of my pet peeves is when stadiums are named after their corporate sponsors, starting with Wrigley (chewing gum) Field in Chicago, and including the AT&T Park in San Francisco. Here in Germany it is no better, with the names getting changed every few years as the sponsors change. The Frankfurt stadium is now called the Commerzbank Stadium, but probably not for long.


    1. Funny you mention that because corporate named arenas DO change names with different owners. It’s pretty ridiculous. I get wanting to brand yourself but surely there must be a less tacky way to do so.

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  2. I’m not big on watching sports, especially on the TV, but being there in person with thousands of other spectators, can be a very memorable experience. Latvians are huge fans of ice hockey, so I would probably watch a game or two. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


    1. Ice hockey is huge here in Canada as well. I’ve been to several games and they are pretty fun but I’m not there to watch the game! HA! Have a great evening!

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  3. Live baseball games are some of the most special memories I have with my son. I hope we will be able to attend more games and more stadiums in the future. I give your credit for attending the game with James, I hope you will change your mind and attend more still. One game isn’t really enough to develop an appreciation for live baseball plus think of the bonus points if next time you buy the tickets! – David


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