Paris Street Art – Rue de Louvre

During my most recent trip to Paris, I decided that I’d finally check out illustrious E. Dehillerin. For those unaware, E. Dehillerin sell cooking supplies. It’s got 2 floors jam packed with kitchen items that you’ll likely never have a need to use them at home. For someone who loves to hoard kitchen toys (guilty as charged!), it’s heaven on Earth. I’m working on a post to sum up my visit .. hopefully it will be ready later this week.

But back to the point of this post. Ahem.

It was while walking to E. Dehillerin that I first spotted this piece stuck to a wall on Rue de Louvre.

It’s appears to be of the same style as the Lavalet piece that I shared last year (that post can be found here), where wheat-paste poster and stencil technique are used to apply it to the wall. While it’s not for everyone, I really enjoy it. I want to know more about these women, specifically who they are and what the story behind this photo is.

Bonne journée!


7 thoughts on “Paris Street Art – Rue de Louvre

  1. Funny how they all seem to be hanging in the air. I imagine lots of people in Paris would know who they are, but I feel left out because I don’t recognize any of them.

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  2. I love street art and whenever we travel, we make sure to see if there’s any where we are going. Although, stumbling upon one unexpectedly is exciting too. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  3. The epicenter of street art in Paris is in the 13e arrondissement . Off Rue de la Butte aux Cailles. A docent from the Louvre leads a walking tour there now and then.

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    1. I’ve heard the same, but haven’t yet looked into joining a tour. Mostly because I like stumbling upon them during my walks. 🙂


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