H is for .. Harbour

In this installment of my Alphabet series, we’re headed somewhere we’ve been before.

Le Tréport, located on the gorgeous Côte d’Albâtre in Normandy, is home to a picturesque coastal breakwater harbour.

The town sits at the mouth of the Bresle River and has enjoyed a rich and active history in both fishing and shipping.

It’s also one of the places the Vikings landed back in the 10th century, and has been a base for sea rescue since the 1880s.

Of course I knew none of this before visiting. Truth be told I really only wanted to visit the funicular and see where one of my favourite television series was filmed.

So taking a leisurely walk along the harbour was an unexpected treat, and a perfect end to the day.

Bonne journée!


11 thoughts on “H is for .. Harbour

  1. I lived in Normandy for two years, and I never went to Le Tréport. It was way too far and remote to get there, yet I’m kicking myself for not going. Your photos of it look stunning, and it brings back the nostalgia of the rugged, cold Normand coast! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. Lucky you! We had a rental car during our visit (we were based in Bayeux), and took a day trip to visit both Étretat and Le Tréport. It was a long but fun day. Looks like you’ll have to return!

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  2. These are really fun and interesting pieces to read. Photos are absolutely fantastic as always. If you are not already doing prints, you should. There are couple of shots in this article I’d buy.
    Sladja, The One. 😉

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