North Vancouver Street Art – Lonsdale Quay

Along an exterior wall at North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay Market you’ll find a 100 foot long mural titled Coastal Energy.

Designed by local students and painted by artist Dennis Creighton, Coastal Energy is part of a city-wide series of public art called Studio in the City.

Its purpose is to give local youth the opportunity to apprentice in the arts, while working on various canvases throughout North Vancouver.

If you’ve visited Vancouver as a tourist, chances are you’ve seen this mural. Lonsdale Quay is often a stop on visitor’s lists of local places to check out.

Bonne journée!


8 thoughts on “North Vancouver Street Art – Lonsdale Quay

  1. My one visit to Vancouver was in July 1965, but I didn’t see much of the city since the main point of the trip was to visit my brother. Also I had just been separated from the US Army and was nervous because the news was full of hints that they might call up the reserves, which could have been me. But to relax afterwards I took a really nice train trip from Vancouver to Winnipeg, and changed there for a train to Chicago — which I don’t think would even be possible today (I mean the second part).

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    1. That must have been a tense time for you. The mural definitely wouldn’t have been around then as the market itself was built for Expo ’86. I’d love to do a train trip across Canada but the prices are quite steep. And with the border currently closed, I don’t think trains are running from Canada to the USA now.

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  2. Every single one of these art pieces are superbly beautiful. Vancouver is such an amazing city to explore and photograph. Can’t wait to go back one day 😀 thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  3. Hi Marla, now we have written each other a couple of times last week, and I see how much you love cities (I lived for 3 decades in Los Angeles), I would be thrilled if you would join and link one of your usual weekly posts to All Seasons! Also, an easy way to keep in contact.
    The photo link is open from Sunday to Wednesday. If you don’t know how that goes, just leave me a comment, and I’ll take you through the process. Read your Louvre post – next time, if there is a next, we’ll have to come there at sunset – beautiful shots! Cheers, Jesh


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