Paris Street Art – Rue de l’Éperon

Looking through my photos last night, as I’m doing a lot more frequently thanks to Coronatimes, I rediscovered this piece by French artist, Fred le Chavelier (Fred the Knight).

I like the simplistic colours (Le Chavelier favours black and white, with the odd pop of colour) and the striking yet fun style.

I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but the art on the woman’s bag is giving me Clockwork Orange vibes.

Le Chavelier’s works are dotted throughout Paris, and can even be found in places further flung like Spain and Germany.

On a side note..

Google Photos tells me that this was taken on Rue de l’Éperon, but my recollection is that it was taken on Rue Saint-André des Arts instead. I remember seeing this piece several times during my last visit to Paris, and Rue Saint-André des Arts is one of my usual routes to and from my hotel. Rue de l’Éperon, while nearby, is not. So Google and I are apparently fighting. Le sigh.

Bonne journée!

Edit: I was wrong. This piece was found on Rue de l’Éperon, and not Rue Saint-André des Arts like I believed.

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8 thoughts on “Paris Street Art – Rue de l’Éperon

    1. I imagine it’s a lot of maintenance. Like, sitting in front of the mirror each day trimming any hair that has grown overnight. Mind you, you’ve got time for such things during lockdown! LOL


      1. I also feel like they’d be kind of poofy if they were that short. It’s very french though, very… chic, very coco chanel to me.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. What makes you think this? I “walked” up and down both streets on Google maps to try to pinpoint the wall without any success.


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