Jardin de Marqueyssac

Yesterday I shared photos from the Château de Marqueyssac, which I loved. Today we’ll take a look at the gardens. Admittedly, the crowds, heat and being hangry meant that we didn’t venture far. After a quick decision to return in future to do it justice under better conditions, we took a brief walk before heading indoors.

Even in my pouty state I was able to appreciate this National Historic Monument, and I can see why it’s the most visited garden in the Perigord. I look forward to returning.

Bonne journée!


13 thoughts on “Jardin de Marqueyssac

  1. Beautiful gardens Marla! Am so happy I saw you at Thurs. Doors. It looks like you live in or close to Paris? We were there in 2007, driving from Amsterdam, for a few days to investigate on my mother’s background. Went to St. Germain, but they couldn’t find my mother’s last name. Two major tourist visits, to the Louvre and Musee Picasso. Paris is like Berlin, where i lived for a year. One needs at least a week, and two would be better, lol!

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    1. Sadly no, and it breaks my heart to say that I don’t live in Paris. Le sigh. I’m Canadian, and live in Vancouver. But Paris keeps calling me back.


      1. Confession time. I speak very little French. An embarrassing small amount. I may just be the worst Canadian you’ll ever come across. 🤭


      2. Oh, my fault. I expected that it would be taught in school. (Can’t remember if I told you that I’m Dutch so have no idea what the Canadian school system is like).But, you’re not a bad Canadian because you don’t speak French!

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      3. We do have to take it in school but it was only mandatory for 1 year. I took it for 2 but retained absolutely nothing. Where in The Netherlands are you from? I’ve visited Amsterdam twice (and even managed a trip to Keukenhof in Lisse! 🌷).


      4. When I was part time going to the university in Amsterdam I/we decided to go to the States for an awesome graduate school of psychology. At that time we were living in Ede, which is an hour from Arnhem, near the German border. The latter place is known for it’s significance in World War II
        Keukenhof I miss every April!
        Meanwhile, I am now retired, spending my time with art. How about you -what kind of job do you have?


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