Le Tréport Beach

Pebbly and surrounded by high cliffs, the beach at Le Tréport is typical of the seaside towns along Côte d’Albâtre.

We arrived at dinnertime, so there weren’t too many people around. That, combined with cloudy sky, made it feel quite moody.

You can see the white alabaster cliffs in the background, which mirrors those of Dover across the English Channel. Or la Manche, as the French prefer to call the channel.

I really like these beach huts, which can apparently be rented during the Summer months.

Also neat is the stone imbedded into the wall that James is sitting on.

Let’s take a closer look..

Does anyone know what type of stone this is?

Bonne journée!


20 thoughts on “Le Tréport Beach

  1. I seriously think you would excel taking people on tours. I love all the places I see, and places I haven’t heard of. I know tons of people line up for some places that are famous but you know lots of other places that are almost the same for interest level.
    Watch out, if I win the lottery, you are hired!

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    1. Thank you! You’ve just made my morning with that. The key for me is to prioritize where I spend by my own interests, and they don’t always align with what the masses consider to be “musts”. 🙃

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      1. I figured as much. I can’t see people giving up their little beach homes. At the end of the season do families leave their belongings inside, locked up? Or do they have to empty them out and bring everything back the next season?

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      2. Yes, of course. It makes sense that they’d be closed with everything going on right now. I wonder if the Summer will see people return to regular activities? There’s so much uncertainty and it’s difficult to predict.


      3. I have a cabin rented for a weekend next month in the USA. The border is closed indefinitely. I’m currently waiting for the state park to extend their free cancellation (due to Covid-19) into next month so I can rebook for later. 🤞

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      4. yes there is always later…me too . Here there is talk of closing borders until Sept20 so we stay in France not bad at all… best of luck there

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    1. From what I now understand, families rent the same little cabin year after year, generation after generation. If you can get your foot in, I think it would be a lovely place to build traditions of our own. ☺️


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