Sea to Sky

Like many people around the globe, I’m finding myself feeling suffocated with cabin fever. I miss being able to leave the house without an action plan and spare disposable gloves shoved into my purse just in case. I miss seeing the flowers and trees come to life like they always do at this time of year. But mostly, I’m sick of staring at the same walls of our tiny apartment day in and day out. It could be much worse, I fully appreciate, but I’m really starting to struggle.

This past Sunday I reached my breaking point. Thankfully Vancouver is only exercising social distancing, so we don’t have to stay home as long as we use our common sense while we’re out. James and I hit the road, driving far away from crowded downtown Vancouver.

We decided to drive up the Sea to Sky, which links Vancouver to Whistler and Pemberton. Our first stop was Porteau Cove. The parking lot was busy. My heart sank. But looking around, there weren’t nearly as many people as cars. Then I remembered that there’s a sunken ship for scuba divers. Sure enough, we saw several people headed towards the water with their gear. Here are a few of the photos I took during our stop.

After a quick drive-thru lunch of burgers, we headed back towards home making stops along the way so I could take more photos. The sky had cleared, making for a lighter mood in the rest of my photos.

It was a nice afternoon out. Like the clouds, my spirits lifted. It’s the little things.

Bonne journée!


10 thoughts on “Sea to Sky

  1. Fantastic photos! I don’t think there’s a country more beautiful than Canada. Would love to go back one day to see more of it and I wouldn’t mind going for a drive along the sea to sky highway. Thanks for sharing! We are trying to stay positive too. At the moment, we are only allowed to go for a one short walk a day. Can’t wait for the pandemic to come to an end. Stay safe 😊 Aiva

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    1. Thank you Aiva, you’re very kind. And you live in Ireland!! 😍 It’s the only place that I cried on my way to the airport because I didn’t want to leave. I hope to visit again next year. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through your blog. Good health and safety to you. 💕

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      1. The only place where I cried on my way to the Airport, was in Canada! 😂 I loved it so much, I wanted to live there and I even started to see what I needed to do to accomplish it. But my sister got pregnant, and she was my only family in Ireland, so I cancelled my plans ❤️

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like them.
      re: SD.. Technically not in Vancouver proper. I forced myself out for a midday walk today and spent more time zigzaging to avoid other people. A bit like playing sidewalk chicken. 🐥

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