The Trees Are Alive With Music

I’ve got a couple of really exciting trips planned for the coming year. They’ll inevitably be cancelled though, because of the impending apocalypse COVID-19.

In my attempt to avoid people (surprisingly easy for a non-peopley person such as myself) I’ve been spending time going through my Google albums. I found this short clip of a musical tree at Les Jardins d’Etretat, which you may remember me posting about last week, and thought I’d share it with you.

Cute, non? It was a nice treat to find in an already magical garden.

Bonne journée!


7 thoughts on “The Trees Are Alive With Music

  1. Lovely area indeed, but next year is another year, hoping, I am to travel in May this year unless a complete lockdown.My work is now teletravail or work at home but paid! cheers

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    1. My first trip is to Croatia via London. It’s not looking promising for me. I worked from home today as a practice because it’s looking like we’re headed for a lockdown.


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