The Things You Learn on Holiday

While looking at the impressive facade of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, back before the horrific fire and its resulting devastation, I noticed this headless statue holding its head and wondered its significance.

It turns out that statues holding their own heads, when found outside a church or cathedral, identify a Saint who was martyred or beheaded. They’re also known as cephalophores.

In the case of the above cephalophore I learned that this represents Denis the patron Saint of both Paris and France. He sounds like an interesting enough fellow.

But if I’m being completely honest, I was more drawn to the figure directly below Saint Denis.

I’m not going to lie folks.

That’s exactly what I look like when the server walks by with someone else’s food. #relatable

Bonne journée!


10 thoughts on “The Things You Learn on Holiday

  1. hahaha funny indeed, yes and more are in the museum of the Cathedral just next to the Cathedral. The crypte archéologique which unfortunately due to the fire is now close. Cheers

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  2. ah you make me chuckle. I often am jealous of what other people order in restaurants, and I think more vietnamese restaurants should just offer an entre made up of four entrees in appetizer size..

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