Nicol Hotel Museum

Not unlike modern times, the buildings and properties of Barkerville were regularly bought and sold taking on different forms. The history of a single building can often make you dizzy with its twists and turns.

A prime example of this would be the Nicol Hotel Museum. What was once a dry goods store owned by the Kwong Lee Company then became a saloon and boarding house owned by Fanny Bendixon.

It was at this point that the single story building gained a second floor, as well as an ornate porch. It later changed hands to Jim Boyce who ran it as an hotel. Later, Sing Kee and his business partners bought it and moved it to Chinatown (I guess I haven’t yet posted about Barkerville having a Chinatown? We’ll get there in the coming days.) to be run as a store.

Then – are you as dizzy as I am trying to keep up? – a Mr. AJ Harper purchased the building and moved it back out of Chinatown to add it to an existing hotel complex.

Fast forward to today and the Nicola Hotel Museum depicts the changes through time – manufacturing materials, technology, societal and cultural.

If you take anything away from this post, please let it be to always watch where you’re going. Or more specifically, don’t be an idiot like me who points her camera upwards while stepping down a staircase. See that top step and the huge jump down to the next?

While taking this photo of the ceiling (which, for the record I still recommend always looking up as there is often much to see) I stepped down. Or more, I dropped what felt like 17 stories.

Long story short, I somehow managed to save myself from broken bones (rather UN-gracefully, I might add) by dropping my camera and dramatically grabbing the railing while James looked up at me in horror. Not my finest moment.

Stay safe, my friends.

Bonne chance!


2 thoughts on “Nicol Hotel Museum

  1. A lesson we have all learned my friend, got to watch where our feet are going, I have nearly fallen down my home stairs also. Glad you are ok, I am enjoying this series!

    Liked by 1 person

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