John Bibby’s Tin Shop

Because Barkerville is so remote (even today the nearest city is over an hour’s drive away), much of the necessary supplies were produced onsite. A real community was built by craftsmen looking for a way to create a living for themselves while providing the products and services the citizens would need for their daily lives.

Say you needed a pan to collect all of that gold you were hoping would make you rich? Or some tin cans to preserve your food into the cold harsh Winter?

You couldn’t simply order your supplies online with a few quick taps on your keyboard like we can today.

Life in a remote town of the 1860’s was tough.

Enter Mr. John Bibby, a man from Ontario (then known as Upper Canada). He traveled across the Dominion and took over an existing tin shop to supply the miners and townsfolk with their daily wares.

Mr. Bibby also provided the town with stoves and stove pipes to ensure that houses and businesses could stay warm during the brutally cold month.

Once hydraulic mining was brought to the area, his business really took off as people turned to him to provide pipes to carry the necessary water. It was interesting to me learning how even people not hunting for gold managed to make a comfortable living for themselves during the gold rush in Barkerville.

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