Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop

Barkerville’s blacksmiths were vital to the old gold rush town, making both household and mining supplies as well as horseshoes.

Here’s an example of what would have been in operation during the time of the gold rush.

Speaking of horseshoes, we decided to take a ride in the stage coach around the historic town.

It was a bumpy ride, but a neat way to see the sights.

Bonne journée!


12 thoughts on “Cameron & Ames Blacksmith Shop

    1. WHAT. 20 TIMES. I’m so jealous. I’ve been once and have spent a considerable amount of time since trying to figure out how I can live there. All the damn time. Because it’s SO COOL.

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      1. It’s a cute, quaint little corner of the world, eh? I took my niece and nephew last summer and it was their first time there. They loved it. I think we’ll go back next summer.

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      2. K forward to. How far are you drive-wise? We stayed at the campground one night, and in one of the town’s B&B’s the next. I didn’t want to leave.


      3. It’s a few hours from here.

        My roommate all through University, his dad lives in Wells, the little town right before Barkerville. He actually works keeping maintenance of Barkerville. He’s also a backcountry tour guide. Anyways, we stay with his dad when we go. We’ll drive out on a Friday and stay till Sunday. Spend a day dirtbiking and hiking through the backcountry and then spend a day at Barkerville and then drive home Sunday night.

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      4. That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. Wells was super cute. The people were so friendly. A woman literally offered me a pair of her shoes when I inquired at the grocery store where I could buy some (it was raining and so cold, and I was expecting more Summer weather when I packed). She gave us directions to her house. Unfortunately the she’s were too small so we had to make the long drive over to Quesnel but still! I still remember how shocked I was for a perfect stranger to be so kind. 💕


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