Doctor Jones, At Your Service

I have a coworker who actually enjoys going to the dentist. Which is super weird to me, because the mere thought of visits to the dentist make me break out in a cold sweat.

I wonder if my coworker would feel the same if he was alive and living in thé gold rush town of Barkerville back during its heyday?

I’ve learned that the good Doctor Jones was originally from North Carolina. He moved to Barkerville to practice dentistry and invest in mining operations in 1875, and was there until his death in 1897.

Prior to moving north to Barkerville, Doctor Jones and his two brothers were part of a group of African Americans who relocated to Vancouver Island from California, seeking refuge from the increasing threat of it becoming a slave state before moving to Barkerville to set up his torture chamber practice.

Bonne journée!


7 thoughts on “Doctor Jones, At Your Service

  1. Unfortunately many of your readers will not know anything about Barkerville. Perhaps a link? The gold and rush days are interesting and perhaps you have read Laura Berton’s book I married the Klondike. Small book, but fascinating.

    Fortunately I have been there and I have good memories of gold panning, not of myself but my father. It’s interesting because I have wanted to go back to go see the city and perhaps your post will inspire my return trip this year. Road trip!

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I double checked and see that I did link to Barkerville, although perhaps I incorrectly assumed people would click the link. 😋


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