Oh look, another church!

You’ve probably gathered by now that if I’m in Europe and see a church, it’s difficult for me to resist the urge to dip inside to take a closer look. My belief system doesn’t align with what these buildings represent – but I do enjoy nice architecture, history, and pretty or interesting decor.

Do you remember when I participated in a croissant making class during my most recent visit to Paris? Because I was super jetlagged (this is a constant theme of my travels) the morning of the class, I was wide awake hours before the class. I decided to leave my hotel early, to enjoy a morning walk before heading to the cooking school. That’s how I found myself outside of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais.

Located in the popular Marais district, about a block from the impressive Hotel de Ville, this Catholic Church was built between 1494 and 1657. The facade that you see in the photo above is apparently the first example of French Baroque to appear in the city. Let’s take a walk around the exterior.

I saw this little doorway that had been closed off sometime over the centuries.

For perspective, I’m 5’8″. I shudder imagining how many concussions I’d have had walking through the doorway. Look how low the top is!

Thankfully the main entrance door is massive in comparison. Let’s check it out tomorrow.

Bonne journée!