Have you been to Seattle’s Pike Place Market? It’s super touristy, but a fun place to spend a couple of hours checking out the various vendors (hello original Starbucks!). It turns out that, in addition to being the oldest public market in the USA, it’s also home to one of the germiest tourist attractions in the world. While walking past it, I realised what it was and decided to stop for a couple of pictures.

Allow me to present to you The Market Theatre Gum Wall. As in chewed up gum. That (presumably) grown adults stuck to a brick wall for fun.

I apologise for my photos in this post being blurry. It’s because they’re heavily zoomed in – I had zero interest in getting up close and personal.

Measuring 15′ by 50′, the wall has been covered in gum since 1993 and in some parts the gum layer is several inches thick.

“What should we do today? Wanna go hang out in a tunnel of spit? Let’s bring the kids! It’ll be fun!”

I can think of so many things I’d prefer to do. Like reading the phone book. And learning quantum physics.

But hey, not all was lost in our stop at the sidelines.. cat street art!

Meow! (said en français, of course)


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