Château de Chantilly – Under the Dome

Before we head inside for a dressage demonstration, I thought I’d share a photo of one of the horses practicing its fancy trot outside. I say trot but, let’s be serious. It could have been a simple walk, or a canter or a trot. I don’t know the difference, but my limited horse related knowledge (and fairly decent deduction skills) tell me this isn’t a gallop!

Inside, under the impressive 28 metre dome, we found seats and waited for the performance to begin – along with every small child from this area of the country. Thankfully they were well-behaved under the watchful eyes of their teachers.

A pretty fountain adorned the wall next to us.

And looking up at the dome above was interesting.

The children I started getting restless and thought the show would never begin. Just as I had given up all hope, 2 horses appeared!

The commentary was en français, which we couldn’t understand. Sadly there soon wasn’t enough to keep us entertained, so we made an early exit and headed back towards town.

Because the fabled Chantilly Cream was screaming our names. If you’re interested in revisiting that droolworthy post, it can be found here.

This marks the last of my Château de Chantilly visit, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Check back tomorrow for my next Thursday Doors installation.

Bonne journée!