Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

What’s an horse museum without horse related art? Yesterday we visited the Grand Stables. Today we’re headed further into the museum to check out a few of the horse related art pieces I came across.

These lifelike horses were sculpted by carousel artists Gustav Dentzel and Daniel C. Muller at the beginning of the 20th century, and are seen by many as the symbol of the Horse Museum.

These small Chinese earthenware figures represent ceremonial horses and date back to the 6th or 7th century.

I can’t be certain but I believe that this life size scale horse was created by French artist, Marine Oussedik.

These statues located outside in the museum courtyard are massive, and I found them somewhat terrifying. I guess I might have forgotten to mention that horses scare me?

Tomorrow we’ll check out some horses and their trainers in action. I’m getting hangry though, so a quick lunch is in order before I do anything else. I have no idea what this melty cheese and ham baguette was called, but it was perfection.

Bonne journée!


8 thoughts on “Château de Chantilly – Equine Art

  1. Not a horsey person since I was flipped off of one, horses always seemed to going in the opposite direction when I was riding and I was just being bumped along. Still I like art, and I love cheesy bread.

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