Château de Chantilly – Musée de Cheval

Calling all horse lovers!

If the story is to be believed, Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon (technically also Prince of Condé, although he preferred his Bourbon title), was sure he’d be reincarnated as an horse after he died.

No judgement from me, but I can’t understand why anyone would want to be anything other than a spoiled housecat. Now that’s the life I’m dreaming of! Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Let’s get back to Louis Henri and his horse dreams..

It’s said that in 1719 he hired French architect, Jean Aubert, to design and build stables suitable to his high ranking. Fast forward 3 centuries, and the Horse Museum serves as a space to highlight the link between humans and horses since the start of civilisation.

Let’s take a wander through the Great Stables to check out some of the animals on show.

Bonne journée!