Château de Chantilly – The Stag Gallery

Imagine, if you will, that you’re an esteemed artistic or intellectual member of society back at the end of the 19th Century. You’ve received an invite from the Duke of Aumale to visit him at his impressive country home on the outskirts of Chantilly this coming Sunday.

After a bumpy ride by horse, you are greeted by the (maybe?) friendly doorman of the chateau, who ushers you into The Stag Gallery to be received by your host.

Check out the coffered ceiling with its impressive detailing.

I wasn’t clear on why this room was called The Stag Gallery. Until I looked closely at the figures stuck to the walls, that was.

The eight tapestries decorating the room are also hunting themed. That’s not my thing, so I barely passed my eyes over them. The craftsmanship was impressive though.

Growing up I remember friends whose homes had a fancy front room, used only on special occasions or when guests visited. We kids were never allowed past the doorframe, so as not to sully the uncomfortable looking furnishings. I’m guessing that The Stag Gallery is the 19th Century version of this?

I imagine, though, that this room would make the impression that the Duke was going for, and set the tone of each visit with his fancy guests.

Bonne journée!


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