Palais Garnier

After visiting some seriously beautiful properties outside of Paris that left me wide-eyed and short of breath, I must admit that I was unprepared for Palais Garnier. I thought I had seen the best of the best.

Holy Hanna, was I in for a surprise!

Designed by architect Charles Garnier, the opera house is of the Napoleon III style in that it’s highly eclectic with no space left without decoration. Its stunning interior drips with opulence, and it’s a difficult to know where to look as you wander. But let’s start with the exterior, which is no less impressive.

I loved seeing people sitting on the stairs looking almost oblivious to the impressive building behind them.

It took a massive team to create the above main facade – 14 painters, mosaicists and a whopping 73 sculptors.

Standing in line to enter gives the opportunity to admire more of the building.

Did you know that a stone carving of a draped female figure, used as a pillar to support the horizontal lintel, is called a Caryatid? Greek in design, decorative and functional statues similar have been dated back to as far as 550-530 BC.

We’ll take a look at some of the interior soon. I took so many photos that covering Palais Garnier is going to take several posts.

Bonne journée!


5 thoughts on “Palais Garnier

  1. I think Paris must be the world capital of caryatids, not only on the Garnier but all over the city. When you start looking for them you can see them everywhere.

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