Cautiously Optimistic

Happy New Year!

A new day and a new decade!

Who’s with me, cautiously tiptoeing into what is hopefully a time for positive change and growth?

2019 was a very mixed bag for me emotionally. I was fortunate to continue travelling and was able to see and experience new things abroad. Closer to home sadly saw the passing of my father in law, as well as a coworker.

I’m at the age where mortality continues to make itself abundantly clear. Gone are the blissful days of youthful ignorance. Emotionally, I’ve struggled and have had to re-evaluate my bag of coping tools to find more effective strategies.

As the last year came to a close I, like many, took a closer look at where I am and where I’d like to be. As someone who struggles with panic disorder, it’s very easy to hole myself up at home and shut real life out. I make excuses to stay in and ultimately avoid living life. But intellectually I know that getting out and experiencing life makes me feel so much better.

So that’s what I plan to do this coming year. I’m hoping to focus more on my blog, and continue to share the things I’ve enjoyed.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

-Benjamin Franklin

James and I decided to get out to start the new year with some fresh air. But baby steps, though, with a walk close to home. We grabbed coffee from a local cafe and headed towards Coal Harbour.

The area was packed with people, which is what always happens when there’s a break in rain here in Vancouver. Neither of us is a fan of crowds, so thankfully there was enough to look at to divert our attention.

The patches of blue sky and clouds reflecting on the water made for interesting shots.

Coal Harbour is home to the Vancouver Rowing Club, whose clubhouse has been around for over 100 years.

The club is actually an amalgamation of 2 once separate competing clubs – Vancouver Boating Club and Burrard Inlet Rowing Club.

Nowadays, the clubhouse is used by both Active Members (those associated with rowing, rugby, yachting and field hockey) and Social Members (anyone else who doesn’t fit under the above umbrella).

The clubhouse can apparently be booked for social gatherings, including weddings. While I’ve never been inside, I imagine that the heritage building and its surroundings adds to any special event held there.

It was at this point that raindrops started to fall, so we headed home. I’m writing this post in my flannel pyjamas as the sky outside darkens. It’s been a good day, and I’m hopeful it is the start of many.

My wish for you is a year of good health, happiness, delicious foods, new experiences and lots of laughter.

Bonne année!


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