Largo di Torre Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina is a square in central Rome with a steeped history. In a city literally stacked with historical sites, it’s easy to pass by without a second glance.

Known mostly for being the site where Julius Caesar was famously assassinated, Largo di Torre Argentina is also the location of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.

Rome is believed to be home to hundreds of thousands of stray cats. That’s right. Hundreds of thousands of cats. Many form colonies amongst the city’s historical sites, such as Largo di Torre Argentina.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a no-kill shelter run by volunteers who sterilize stray cats and care for those who need human assistance. It’s become a unique a tourist attraction for cat lovers the world over and my sister, Brooke, and I were determined to visit during our stay in Rome several years ago.

Because CATS.

We LOVE cats.

And cats with Italian accents are even more adorable.

Brooke brought a couple of bags of treats from Canada to feed the many cats we expected to come across.

If you plan to visit Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary yourself, which we recommend that you do, just be sure to leave any cat treats you’ve brought from home back at the hotel.

Do not feed the shelter cats, even the ones outside.

I repeat. Do not feed the shelter cats.

Unless being be shouted at in Italian by a volunteer for being a stupid tourist is your idea of fun. Ahem.

The sanctuary is a cat lover’s dream come true. Cats everywhere! Of course, the ones needing medical attention or those who aren’t able to play are kept safely away from the public. But the ones you are able to interact with were lovely.

Some were inquisitive while others were playful. We spent about an hour at the sanctuary, and it was one of my favourite hours for the entire trip.

It’s clear to see that the volunteers take their duties seriously. And it’s nice to see that our donations go towards helping a worthy cause. If you’re ever in Rome, do yourself a favour and stop by Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.

Le meow!


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