A Life Update

The last time I checked in, James and I were in the grips of a nasty virus that seemed to have permanently moved in with us. I’m happy to report that we’re both feeling a lot better. We’re still not 100% recovered, but we’ll take what we can get.

I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve squeezed in between bouts of feeling crappy.

I won tickets for the season home opener game for the Canucks. I’m not actually a fan of hockey and had only entered my name in the draw to surprise James. Long story short, he couldn’t go – so I invited a friend from work. It ended up being really fun!

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving not once but twice, and lit a delicious Chantilly cream cake in honour of my sister’s birthday.

I’ve taken up knitting (again) and am currently in the process of making some scarves. Our hamster, Stevie, decided to help. By help I mean try to shove yarn in her mouth while I wasn’t looking to later pad up her bedding with.

Stephanie and I are planning a Spring trip to Scotland. She keeps threatening to get me drunk on Scotch and trick me into eating haggis. I can’t let that happen. The thought turns my stomach, so I’ve decided to go vegetarian to avoid eating it. Yes, I realise that I’m being somewhat ridiculous but I don’t care. I’ve never claimed to be mature. Ahem. Anyway, 3 weeks into my lacto-ovo adventure I have to admit that things are going a lot easier than I had expected.

James’ Mom is the Costumer for a local playhouse, and she invited us to the opening night of their current production. It was great to get out of the house and support local artists.

And we’re finally getting a reprieve from the almost non-stop rain. Hooray! The leaves on the trees recently turned to gorgeous Autumnal shades of gold and red and burnt orange. The sky has been gorgeous and sunny. Perfect combination for a stroll or two.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great week!

Bonne journée!