Pitt River Regional Greenway

Our house has been hit by the nasty cold making its way around these parts. My department at work hasn’t been fully staffed in weeks as we each take turns with sick days. Just when you start to feel better, symptoms return and knock you back down.

James and I forced ourselves to take a short walk at Pitt River Regional Greenway recently. I was a sweaty hacky mess by the time we returned to the parking lot, but we both agreed that the fresh air and change of scenery was just what we needed.

You may recall a post from earlier this year where we took a walk in the same area, although a bit further down the river.

I believe that this is fireweed that has gone to seed?

I think it’s neat looking regardless of what it’s called.

As usual, I’ve got a long list of posts that need writing but I think I’ll need a bit longer to recover from this damn cold. I’ll be back (hopefully) sooner than later.

Until then..

Bonne journée!


4 thoughts on “Pitt River Regional Greenway

  1. Gute Besserung!, as they say here in Germany. In French I suppose that would be Bon rétablissement!, though I don’t recall anyone ever actually saying that to me. Perhaps I just never had a cold in France, though I certainly had wet shoes in November a few times.

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  2. Bellissima! I have canoed across Pitt lake ( I think it is the same place) twice into the tributary and then hiked up to Widgeon Falls. It was spectacular-a long time ago! Ciao, Cristina

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