Basement Art

To follow up on yesterday’s post about Claude Monet’s impressive pieces on the main floor of l’Orangerie, let’s head downstairs to see some of the rest of the museum’s collection.

But first, a bit of background history. l’Orangerie was built under direction of Napoleon III in 1852. The original purpose of the building was to store citrus trees from Jardin des Tuileries as a way to protect them from the cold of Winter.

Decades later, to accommodate the Walter-Guillaume collection visitors enjoy today, a specially built subterranean floor was added.

The Walter-Guillaume collection is dedicated to post-impressionist works, and pieces from many great artists of the 20th century. You can read more about this gallery, here.

Here’s a small selection of the pieces that stood out to me.

Nude in a Landscape by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Two Women in an Interior by Henri Matisse
Notre Dame by Maurice Utrillo
The Road to Montbuisson at Louveciennes by Alfred Sisley
Portrait of Mademoiselle Chanel by Marie Laurencin
Trees and houses by Paul Cézanne
Red Boats at Argenteuil by Claude Monet
Kitchen Table by André Derain
Flowers in a Vase by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The Luncheon on the Grass by Édouard Manet
Old Junier’s Cart by Henri Rousseau
Young Man and Young Woman, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Woman with Velvet Ribbon by Amedeo Modigliani
Female Nude Lying on a Bed by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Portrait Of The Art Dealer Paul Guillaume by Amedeo Modigliani
Odalisque In Red Trousers by Henri Matisse

There are almost 150 pieces in the permanent collection so trust me when I say that it was difficult to narrow down what to share. What’s my criteria? It’s difficult to pinpoint. Some pieces jumped out because I liked the colour or subject or perspective, while others jumped out simply because they make me laugh. For example..

The Girl with a Doll by Henri Rousseau

My apologies, Monsieur Rousseau. While it may not have been your intention to crack up, it happens every time I look at your painting. For that reason, it’s now one of my favourites.

Bonne journée!


2 thoughts on “Basement Art

  1. Nice selection!
    Actually, I like the basement collection more than the water lilies upstairs. On my last visit I particularly noticed the paintings by André Derain, whom I previously hadn’t paid much attention to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The Kitchen Table painting by Monsieur Derain (that I shared above) is interesting. Almost 3-D in how each piece seems to jump off the canvas. I also enjoy the painting of Paul Guillaume by Amedeo Modigliani. He looks like the kind of guy who’d be up to no good, charming everyone in his path. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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