Monet at l’Orangerie

My favourite art museum in Paris, hands down, is l’Orangerie. Located next to Place de la Concorde in Jardin Tuileries, l’Orangerie is conveniently located. It’s manageable in size and perfect for those wanting to get their art fix without sacrificing too much time.

Plus, most importantly, it’s the home to the purpose-built rooms highlighting Claude Monet’s Nymphéas (Water Lilies) series.

These paintings depict Monet’s gorgeous gardens at his home in Giverny, which I wrote about here.

Monet apparently donated these paintings to the French state, stipulating that the massive panels be displayed exactly as they are seen today – in twin oval rooms oriented from west to east, following the course of the sun. The changing natural light from above gives you an idea of what he saw (and painted) while he worked on these paintings.

In my opinion, Monet’s works are best enjoyed while standing back to give you an overall view. Having said that, getting up closer to look at his brush strokes is also neat.

To me, the messy strokes look nothing like the flowers and lily pads I see when standing further back.

Have you been to l’Orangerie? What’s your favourite Paris art museum?

Bonne journée!


3 thoughts on “Monet at l’Orangerie

    1. d’Orsay is my second favourite. Not only for the gorgeous building but also the art. I’ve been to the other big one that everyone raves about (you’ve probably heard of it 😉) and didn’t fall in love. I much prefer the outside of the building.

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