Suggestion Time!

While looking through my countless photos from past trips to Paris, I’ve found that I’ve covered several of the “must do” day trips from the city – Versailles, Fontainebleau, Chantilly, Giverny, Reims. I’ve also visited Normandy, which appears on many online lists – though I personally feel that it’s too far to go to and return from in a single day. Who wants to spend half the day in transit? Not me! But all of this got me thinking about future trips and I’m wondering what day trips I make note of.

So, what are you favourite places to visit that make an easy day trip from Paris? Specifically by train, bus or tour? Share your favourites in the comment section below – and if you’re a blogger and have a post about the place you recommend, share the post link as well.

Bonne journee!


3 thoughts on “Suggestion Time!

  1. Rouen is very interesting and you can see the unusual church in the shape of an upturned boat built on the spot where Joan of Arc was burnt, also the bridge over the Seine where her ashes were thrown from and, of course, the amazing cathedral that holds the heart of Richard The Lionheart. Les Andelys, between Paris and Rouen is also lovely and there are the ruins of a castle Château Gaillard, built by that king. Give it a go!

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